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Business process management

Your business keeps guzzling cash, with no visible growth. You should look at how you run it. We can help you see it faster and quicker.

finance and accounting

Small businesses are quick to fail,  but that is not by chance. Cashflow is the grimreaper, but you won’t know it if you don’t do bookkeeping. We understand the challenges and we have the solution for you.

knowledge based guides

Your business needs a lot of skilled persons you don’t have the money to hire. We have your back on that with robust video trainings on different skills. Don’t worry you no longer need to hire an accountant to do your bookkeeping.


We bring to you a marketing model that is best suited for your category of business. You no longer need to burn all your capital on marketing to get your customers. It’s a revolution trust me.

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Accounting Simplified For Entrepreneurs

Trainer: Nojeem Bello

The ultimate basic accounting course for small business owners.

A guide for CAC registration

Trainer: Nojeem Bello

How to, what you need and the processes of registering your business name.

Advanced agro-export training

Trainer: Nojeem Bello

The guide to becoming a leading agro-exporter and rake in cool foreign exchange.

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With over a decade of experience, an array of happy clients and a refreshingly pleasing portfolio to look at, we believe we can give you the best you will ever get.

We have an intimate understanding of your struggles as a business, which is why you can be sure we have the most suiting rememdy for the problems.

A trial is not needed to convince you, because your investment in us is not a risk. Let us write your story of success for you.

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